Top 6 Must See European Countries to Visit on a European Holiday

European Countries to Visit on a European holiday - Greece

Planning a European holiday and don’t know where to start? This is usually the dilemma of globetrotters when it comes to visiting Europe. Though it is the second smallest continent in the world, Europe is packed with 50 stunning countries each brimming with beautiful landscapes, historic eminence, and rich cultural influences. Each country in Europe is immensely diverse and has awe-inspiring moments to offer. Hence usually travelers prefer combinations of European countries to visit on European holiday.

European Countries to Visit on a European holiday

However, deciding and picking out specific places to visit can get a bit overwhelming if you are not well-versed with the continent. Therefore, to help you decide where to go in Europe, here are our top picks of breathtaking countries in Europe that are not to be missed.

1) Switzerland

European Countries to Visit on a European holiday - Switzerland

Let’s start with the most exemplary destination in Europe – Switzerland. An obvious choice for many holidaymakers travelling to Europe for vacations, Switzerland is the heart of Europe and has always been a popular choice as a holiday destination in Europe.

Moreover, how can you elude it? The sublime alpine sceneries and sheer natural beauty have an enchanting effect on travel lovers. Also, the humble lifestyle with the Swiss elegance is a welcoming change for many city dwellers seeking simplicity and solace. The tranquil lakes, majestic Swiss Alps, the mountainous countryside with charming cottages and Swiss chalets in medieval towns, Switzerland will always feature in the travel list of European holidaymakers.

Must visit Swiss highlights: The Alpine towns of Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, funicular rides to Jungfrau – Top of Europe, Matterhorn and Gornergrat, Alpine adventures on Mount Schilthorn, Mount Titlis and Mount Pilatus, picturesque towns of Zermatt, Lake Lucerne, St. Moritz and Lake Geneva, and the scenic trains such as Glacier Express, Golden Pass and Bernina Express.

2) Italy

European Countries to Visit on a European holiday - Italy
Another one of the six European countries to visit is Italy. Italy will always remain as one of the favourite European countries to visit for travelers. The fascinating medley of history, art, and culture, food and wine are an irresistible combination for discerning wayfarers. Italy is home to some of the iconic architectures and famous artifacts in the world and people certainly love its food scene. Beyond the legacies of Roman Empire and Renaissance era lays picture-perfect coastal towns, turquoise grottos and lush vineyards that will capture your hearts with its mesmerizing beauty.

Must visit Italian highlights: The classic Italian cities of Rome, Venice, Florence and Milan, the colorful and serene Amalfi Coast township, the beautiful cities along the Italian Lakes such as Maggiore Lakes, Lake Garda and Lake Como and the rolling hills of Tuscany shrouded in beautiful vineyards.

3) Iceland

European Countries to Visit on a European holiday - Iceland
Iceland is a land of contrast in the literal sense. The scenery and vibes feel otherworldly. Set on the extreme northwestern side of Europe, this scarcely populated island country offers you some of the most picturesque landscapes in Europe with crisp, clean air and refreshing aura. With a medley of fire and ice transforming the landscapes into phenomenal sceneries, you are bound to get transfixed at this extraordinary natural beauty of Iceland.

Must visit Iceland highlights: A drive along the Ring Road, a relaxing dip in numerous Hot Springs, dramatic landscapes of West Fjords, the icy blue ambiance of Jökulsárlón glacier fields, and the ethereal spectacle of Northern Lights.

4) Greece

European Countries to Visit on a European holiday - Greece
Greece is purely magical. Set foot in one of its idyllic islands and all your real life worries seem to dissolve away at the sight of the serene beauty of the deep blue sky, endless stretches of sparkling aquamarine waters and brilliant white beaches. The whitewashed Grecian coastal townships offer you spectacular vistas of romantic sunsets along with a lip-smacking selection of authentic Greek cuisine. You would wish your holiday in Greece never ends.

Must visit Greece highlights: Explore the mythical and historical remnants at the rustic cities of Athens, Delphi, Rhodes Old Town and the Acropolis areas. And of course, you can’t miss the islands of Greece – the more the merrier! Pick and choose between Santorini, Mykonos, and Ionian islands and enjoy a memorable island hopping vacation in Greece.

5) France

European Countries to Visit on a European holiday - France
France is another one of the six European countries to visit. With epic monuments and architectures, quixotic landscapes, rich culture, cuisine and the language of romance, France has always been one of the best places to visit in Europe. While France’s charming cities will keep you enticed with chic ambiance, majestic structural designs and an eclectic range of cafes and bistros move beyond and explore the off beaten track for an authentic French holiday experience. While you are here, take full advantage of cherishing the French gastronomy – right from the basic croissants and crepes to tasting the champagnes and relishing oysters, chicken in wine, foie gras and a delicious assortment of desserts.

Must visit France highlights: Paris, of course, is always a good idea. If travelling with kids, then Disneyland Paris is a must do attraction. The Lavender fields of Provence, rolling vineyards of Champagne, Burgundy, and Bordeaux, and the sundrenched cliff-top townships of Cote d’Azur offer you a palette of French experiences worth cherishing forever.

6) Czech Republic

European Countries to Visit on a European holiday - Czech Republic
If you think that Italy, France, and Greece is where you can explore the historic richness of European era, then the Czech Republic will prove you wrong. Rich in historical appeal, Czech Republic showcases heritage in a charismatic perspective. While the capital city of Prague dominates the tourism scene, there is so much more to explore. The Czech Republic is also one of the countries that has the highest density of castles in Europe. Over the past decade, it has evolved as one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe.

Must visit highlights in the Czech Republic: The striking Gothic architecture and old world charms of Prague, the Bohemian region and its amazing collection of castles and chateaux, the engaging sights, culture, and food at Český Krumlov, and the mesmerizing, picture worthy landscapes of Moravian Fields.


These six European countries to visit put together a kaleidoscopic spectacle of diverse cultures, rich heritage, and dramatic landscapes. While one destination beholds a treasure trove of experiences, the most enriching European tour can be witnessed only when different European destinations are combined in one holiday.

Thanks to Schengen Agreement, you can travel to Europe by combining more than one European country without worrying about visa procedures of each country in Europe. As most nations in Europe are part of the Schengen agreement with an exception of UK, Ireland, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Croatia, a single Schengen visa is all you require to cross borders within Europe and extend your European vacation to more than one country. So, hop on a bus, take a train ride or cruise on the tranquil waters from one European country to another and explore your dream destinations in Europe in a hassle free way.

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