Playa Uvita Beach Costa Rica – Best Beach on Southern Pacific Coast

Playa Uvita Beach, Costa Rica - Best Beach on Southern Pacific Coast

One of the best beaches on the Southern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica has to be Playa Uvita. Playa Uvita beach Costa Rica is located in the southern Puntarenas province, about 16 KM south of Dominical. Playa Uvita offers a stunning landscape straight out of a movie, with the beach completely surrounded by mountains and lush rainforest.

Playa Uvita Beach Costa Rica Entrance

Playa Uvita Beach Costa Rica - Palm TreesPlaya Uvita resides within Marino Ballena National Park, and there is a $6 entry fee per person to access the beach. However you will find that the beach is well worth the fee. You will not be disappointed once you enter Playa Uvita.

Just outside of the entrance to Playa Uvita are vendors selling everything from fresh coconut water straight from the shell, to t-shirts and bracelets. The fresh coconut juice paired perfectly with the setting, completing the tropical vibe.

*WARNING*: be very careful with your personal belongings when at the beach. When you first enter the beach, you will see numerous signs warning of thefts from items left unattended. Another group I spoke with said they were approached by Costa Rican police warning them of robberies happening that day. But don’t let that deter you! Just be smart and safe with your things and everything will be fine!

When you first enter Marino Ballena National Park, you are encompassed by a canopy of mammoth palm trees. With palm trees spanning a height of over 50 feet, it is truly a marvelous sight to see. The walk through the canopy is accompanied by exotic birds and even monkeys!

Playa Uvita Beach Costa Rica

When you first reach the beach, you are awestruck with the scene before you. As you gaze out into the distance, you see the beach stretch both ways as far as the eye can see. Surrounding the beach on all sides are lush, green mountains. As you gaze into the clear blue skies, you see cotton ball clouds scattered throughout.

Playa Uvita Beach Costa Rica - Blue Skies

Playa Uvita Beach Costa Rica is often referred to as the “Whale Tail” because it has a curvy shape much like a fish tail. It is hard to notice without an aerial perspective, however as you walk the beach you will notice the curves and turns.

When you enter the clear blue ocean water, it is surprisingly warm. Depending on how hot the day is, this can either be good or bad. The day I went was sweltering, so I would have preferred cooler water. But how can you complain when you are in such a marvelous setting?

Planning a Trip to Playa Uvita Beach Costa Rica?

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