Notre-Dame Cathedral Fire – A Metaphoric Reflection of Western Civilization?

Notre-Dame Cathedral fire metaphoric disaster

Today we all heard the unfortunate news about the Notre-Dame Cathedral fire in Paris. The Cathedral sustained significant damage as the roof and main spire were engulfed in flames. No deaths were reported and authorities have yet to determine the cause of the fire.

Fortunately much of the main interior was salvaged with relatively little damage. French President Emmanuel Macron has also announced that the damaged areas would eventually be rebuilt. Additionally, French billionaire François-Henri Pinault vowed to donate €100m towards reconstruction.

Notre-Dame Cathedral fire – A metaphoric symbol of the decline of the West

The timing of this is somewhat serendipitous to me because just last week I wrote about the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption, which was modeled after the Notre-Dame Cathedral.

It would not be hyperbole to call the Notre-Dame Cathedral fire a tragedy. Completed in 1260, this Cathedral survived four revolutions and two world wars. It is a living beacon of Western prosperity and values, which up until now, stood the test of time.

To me, the Notre-Dame Cathedral fire was a hyper-symbolic event. Today we did not witness just another building fire. This was more than that.

Notre-Dame Cathedral fire metaphoric disaster
Hubert Hitier/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

The Notre-Dame Cathedral represents an idea; one that is thousands of years in the making. It is not merely a magnificent structure of Western ingenuity, with historic and cultural value. While it is all of that, the Cathedral is also a symbol and beacon of the Christian values and principles the West was founded upon.

It is no secret that Western countries are currently experiencing unprecedented turmoil and strife. Western societies are facing new and challenging issues relating to immigration, politics, religion, war, etc. The more the Western world progresses, the more hard questions and issues we face.

The result of these issues can be observed in the mass protests occurring throughout Western countries. Like the Yellow Vests protests in France, many countries in the West are experiencing massive uprisings.

And today as we witness this conflict in Western countries and regions, it is hard not to infer the metaphoric symbology of the Notre-Dame Cathedral fire.

As the flames began engulfing the Cathedral, it gradually eroded and broke down. Unlike a demolition, the Notre-Dame Cathedral slowly degenerated and began to crumble, until the main spire collapsed. The fire began from within, and eventually consumed the church.

Is the same happening to Western civilization? Perhaps we are currently witnessing a “fire” consuming Western culture from within. A fire composed of antithetical values and ideals, slowly eating away at it’s core fundamental principles. A fire from within, eroding everything that Western civilization was founded upon until it’s inevitable “spire collapse“.

Perhaps the Notre-Dame Cathedral fire was a foreshadowing of our distant future.

In response, Parisians gathered outside of the Notre-Dame Cathedral fire to sing hymns:


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