Hiking Cloudbridge Nature Reserve in Talamanca Mountains

About Cloudbridge Nature Reserve

Cloudbridge Nature Reserve is a hidden gem in Costa Rica for hiking and amazing scenery. Located directly next to Cerro Chirripó (the tallest mountain in Costa Rica), it is a private nature reserve within the Talamanca mountains. Cloudbridge Nature Reserve is “dedicated to the conservation and reforestation of the cloudforest”. Spanning across approximately 700 acres (about 283 hectares) of cattle pasture and primary forest, it is an amazing destination for hiking and tours.


Hiking Cloudbridge Nature Reserve

Hiking in Cloudbridge Nature Reserve is truly like stepping into a hidden rainforest in the Talamanca mountains. It’s almost as if you leave San Gerardo and enter into a different world. Hiking through you see rivers, waterfalls and Costa Rican wildlife at every turn.
Cloudbridge is a moderately large nature reserve offering around six different trails you can hike. The trails range from easy to difficult so there is something for everybody. Below are the various trails you can hike:
Cloudbridge Nature Reserve in the Talamanca Mountains waterfall

Pacifica Falls

When you first enter Cloudbridge, you have the option of staying on the main trail or taking a small path to the left. Going off to the left takes you to the magnificent Pacifica Falls standing tall at about 60 feet. If you are really feeling daring you can make your way down to the frigid water and swim against the waterfall’s strong currents. A good workout with a similar sensation as an endless pool.
Cloudbridge Nature Reserve waterfall swim
Cloudbridge Nature Reserve waterfall seating
If you just want to enjoy the sights, there is a nice little seating area with two benches overlooking the waterfall. The ambiance as you sit back and relax is one of immense peace and tranquility. You close your eyes and as you focus on the loud but soothing crashing of the waterfall, you enter into an almost trance-like state. The longer you lay down, the more you fall deeper and deeper into relaxation. And with very few people walking around the park, it’s as if you are in complete solitude.

Further Up the Cloudbridge Main Trail

If you return to the main trail, Cloudbridge offers moderate to strenuous stints of hiking. Cloudbridge Nature Reserve gets up to altitudes of 8500 ft, so you can definitely expect a climb. But Cloudbridge has many hikes at varying difficulties, providing trails for any level hiker.

A little ways up the main trail from Pacifica Waterfall, you encounter a steep and steady incline. The climb is difficult but rewarding because at the top is a breathtaking view of the park’s second waterfall, Julia Falls.

Cloudbridge Nature Reserve Julia Falls

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