Dominical Beach, Costa Rica – Surfing, Shopping, Food, Nightlife

Dominical Beach, Costa-Rica - surfing, shopping, food, nightlife

Dominical Beach, Costa Rica is a great little beach located in the South Pacific, near Uvita, within the province of Puntarenas. Located in Dominical, the beach is about 29KM southwest of San Isidro de El General. I am currently living in San Gerardo just outside of San Isidro de El General, and was able to make a day trip to the beach by car. The small beach offers all things surfing, shopping, food and nightlife.

Surfing in Dominical Beach, Costa Rica

Dominical Beach, Costa Rica is a popular destination for surfers, with large and powerful waves crashing in on the South Pacific shoreline year-round. In total the beach spans about 2 kilometers and falls on the mouth of the Barú River. The beach attracts surfers from all over the country, offering better surf than some of the other beaches in the Caribbean of Costa Rica. With waves growing up to 10 feet off shore, it is no wonder why Dominical Beach, Costa Rica has become a surfer haven.

Dominical Beach, Costa Rica beach front

Shopping in Dominical Beach, Costa Rica

Dominical Beach, Costa Rica shoppingPerhaps one of the coolest features of Dominical Beach, Costa Rica is the shopping. Located just off of the beach is a main road with little local shops and vendors. There is also free parking in the lot between the beach and the shops. Just on the other side of the street are great local food spots and bars.

The small shops offer everything from souvenirs and beachwear to fresh coconut juice straight from the tap (a straw in a coconut). Because it is a tourist destination, some of the prices can be a little steep. Don’t be afraid to bargain with the shop owners!

Once you are done shopping, visit one of the many food choices on the opposite side of the street. Dominical Beach, Costa Rica has a myriad of bars and small restaurants. The food ranges from delicious locally caught seafood to burgers and fries. Also, if you are looking to spend the night, there are also a few hotels and hostels located on the street.

Additionally, there is also a nightlife scene in Dominical Beach, Costa Rica. When my group was leaving to head back home, people were just starting to congregate to the local bars. While going out really isn’t my thing, many travelers meet at the bars in Dominical Beach after day of sightseeing.

Dominical Beach, Costa Rica South Pacific coast

More to Do in Dominical

Are you looking for more to do in Dominical? Another great spot to visit is the Nauyaca Waterfalls, located just east of the Beach. Check out my experience at the falls!


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