Cabinas La Parcela Restaurant in Dominicalito, Costa Rica

Cabinas La Parcela Restaurant in Dominicalito, Costa Rica

Cabinas La Parcela Restaurant

Cabinas La Parcela Restaurant offers an amazing dining experience in Dominicalito, Costa Rica. The small restaurant just south of the Dominicalito beach off of Highway 34 (Costanera Sur), offers high quality dining with a full bar. But the best part of the restaurant has to be the breathtaking view of the ocean.

Cabinas La Parcela Restaurant sits on a tiny peninsula off the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. This creates for an amazing atmosphere because the restaurant it literally surrounded by the ocean! With a completely open eating area you can enjoy high quality cuisine with a full drink menu while sitting on the ocean. It is a truly unique dining experience unlike anything else on the Pacific Coast.

After Eating, Enjoy the Dominicalito View

Cabinas La Parcela Restaurant Dominicalito, Costa Rica trees & nature
After you finish eating, you can walk down a little pathway to a pier right above the beach. On the way down to the pier, you are surrounded by massive trees that are at least hundreds of years old.

The atmosphere is very “Jurassic Park-esque”, with a feeling that you have just crossed into another world. The trees look as though they are straight out of the movie, with gigantic, far-reaching roots and branches. You begin to ponder about each tree’s story and how much history each one has.

You will find avocado, mango and banana trees along the path. The area is famous for their mangoes, which you can see littered everywhere all along the path. I picked one up and tried it and it was delicious (or as they say in Costa Rica, “Que Rico!”).

This pier offers a scenic panoramic view of the ocean surrounded by exotic birds and animals. If you follow the path further down, you can get to the ocean shore for a swim. The water is surprisingly warm!

Cabinas La Parcela Restaurant Dominicalito Costa Rica beach

Restaurant information:


Phone: +506 2787 0016



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