6 Things That Happen on a 22 Day Fruit Juice Fast

6 Things That Happen on a 22 Day Fruit Juice Fast

Fasting has been a human practice for literally thousands of years. While fasting is still considered a fringe health practice, many holistic professionals swear by its benefits. One popular method of fasting is by way of drinking only juice. Here are 6 things which I experienced on a 22 day fruit juice fast.

I did this 22 day juice fast during the summer of 2017. The purpose of this cleanse was strictly health related, as I was seeking to deeply detox my body of toxins. I mainly drank only fresh grapefruit juice, with some variation. I chose to do a fruit juice fast as opposed to a water fast because it provides greater energy levels than the latter. Here are some things I noticed during 22 day juice cleanse fast.

1) Acne Breakouts

Fruit Juice Fast - Acne breakouts

One of the very first things I noticed at around day six of the juice fast was acne breakouts. At the time of the fast I was twenty eight years old, not experiencing significant acne for around ten years. Apart from the occasional zit here and there, acne had not been an issue for me in around a decade.

However, after being about six days into the juice fast, my face and back began to significantly breakout. This consisted of many, very small acne bumps forming on my forehead and upper back. Interestingly enough, the longer the fast continued, the further down my spine the breakouts developed.

The explanation for this is simple. The skin is the largest organ in the body, which serves as a way to detoxify and release toxins, typically through sweating. The longer the fast continued, the more toxins were being released from my body, through my skin.

The acne breakouts began on my forehead, and slowly moved down my face and eventually my back, the longer the fast continued. All of the built up toxins from my body were finally being released, and it showed through my skin.

2) Increased Flexibility

Fruit Juice Fast - Increased Flexibility

Another phenomenon I noticed was increased flexibility and mobility. During the 22 day fruit juice fast, I was also stretching a lot. The longer I got into the fast, the more I noticed my flexibility increase. I was able to much more easily do certain stretches and exercises the longer the cleanse went.

I attribute this to a much more basic or alkaline pH balance in my body and joints. The traditional American diet often creates a buildup of acidity in the body, because of the acidic foods we consume. This acidity tends to build up in our joints, decreasing mobility and flexibility.

3) Heightened Senses, Concentration & Focus

Fruit Juice Fast - Heightened Senses, Concentration & Focus

Oddly enough, another thing I noticed was ultra-heightened senses and concentration during my juice fast. For example, suddenly I was able to hear and smell (especially food!) things I normally would have overlooked. Additionally, focusing and concentrating was much easier for me while I was working. I was no longer having racing thoughts or a mind cluttered with incessant thinking.

4) Headaches

Fruit Juice Fast - Hunger headaches

One of the downsides I noticed during the cleanse was “hunger headaches”. This is very common when fasting of any kind, and comes with the territory. However as long as you keep drinking fruit juice and staying hydrated, you will be fine.

Some of these headaches can be attributed to releasing built-up toxins in the body. However these headaches can also just be due to hunger.

5) More Energy & Feeling Lighter

Fruit Juice Fast - Increased energy

One thing which suprised me was that I experienced an increase in energy and vitality. This is one of the benefits of doing a fruit juice cleanse over just a water cleanse. When doing a juice cleanse, you maintain more regular blood sugar levels than if you merely did a water fast.

Additionally you are not weighed down by big meals or heavy, greasy food. You feel lighter and much less bogged down than usual. This not only applies to a physical feeling but also mentally. Your mind feels lighter, less cluttered and more clear.

6) Less Overall Anxiety

Fruit Juice Fast - Less anxiety

Having struggled with anxiety for my entire life, this fruit juice fast offered me a much welcomed decrease in anxiety. Typically, I would feel physically anxious nearly every single day of my life. However on the juice cleanse, I experienced long, sustained physical peace.


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  • Linda Bibb March 24, 2019 at 3:11 am Reply

    Fasting is definitely underrated. My husband and I did a radical elimination diet for a month (#carnivorediet) and reintroducing foods one-by-one was eye-opening. Who knew that you could have a skin reaction to arugula and broccoli?

    • travel His world March 24, 2019 at 8:42 pm Reply

      Yes! I find it funny that mainstream health says fasting is dangerous when it has been practiced for thousands of years. I felt clearer headed and lighter than I ever felt after this fast. And I got rid of a lot of junk that was probably sitting in my body for years. Keep on fasting!

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